Credit Counselling Services

Credit Counselling Services

One of the most unmistakable signs of a gambling problem is spending more money than you can afford. Debts start to mount, past due notices pile up and bank statements tell a grim story.

There are steps that you can take to reduce your debt: track spending, create a budget and contact your creditors directly to negotiate lower payments over a longer period of time. But often, expert assistance is needed to help you get a clear understanding of the situation and take those first steps. This is where a credit counsellor can help.

Credit counselling agencies provide free counselling, helping people to resolve their debt problems and teach them how to use money and credit wisely. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of tracking your expenses and creating a budget. Other times, a dept repayment plan may be necessary.

Debt Repayment

During this process, your credit counsellor will contact all creditors and set up a timeframe for monthly payments. Counselling is free, although there is a fee associated with the Debt Repayment process. The fee is based on your income, but the most a payment would ever cost is 10% of the total debt.

The links below will provide you with a listing of non-profit credit counselling agencies in your community. These agencies are accredited members of a large association of certified credit counselling professional.

Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services 

1-888-7-IN DEBT (1-888-746-3328) 

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Credit Counselling Canada / Conseil en credit du Canada


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