OLG’s Self-Exclusion Program

OLG’s Self-Exclusion Program

If gambling is no longer in your best interest, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) offers a voluntary self-help tool called Self Exclusion for people who wish to limit or stop their gambling.

With OLG’s self-exclusion program, you make an important commitment to yourself to stay away from all casinos and slots across Ontario. The decision to register is yours. If you choose to register, the process is simple and confidential.
This decision should be carefully considered, and resources are available to help you understand your options.

Get more information from OLG about its self-exclusion program.

Help is available to address problems related to gambling such as debt, financial strain or work or relationship issues. RGRC has information on help in your community.

A RGRC service coordinator can answer general questions about the program, in addition to offer information about other free support services in the community.